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Basic Aquarium Needs.

Schedule Fish Plants Water Substrate Equipment  

Feed them; observe their behavior and check for possible signs of illness. Remove any dead fish


Monitor the temperature.


  Make sure that the filter (and/or pump) is working properly  
Twice a Week    

Monitor the pH and levels of ammonia and nitrites.

Once a Week  

Remove dead or fallen leaves.

Change 10 percent of the water volume. Siphon off waste with the water change in the first month after the aquarium has been set up.

Clean half the filter media, then the other half the following week. Clean the outside glass.

Every TWO weeks   If necessary, prune fast­growing plants.  

Siphon off the waste at the same time as the water change.

Clean the inside front glass and the condensation tray or cover glass.

Every 3-6 months   If necessary, propagate slow-growing plants    

Change any activated carbon in the filter. Service the air pump and filter motor, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Once a year         Change the fluorescent bulbs.  
When Necessary   Remove undesirable algae

Readjust the water level.


Replace the filter media.


Ground Rules of Maintenance

Check every day that the electrical equipment is working properly Inspect the fish every day Change the fluorescent bulbs once a year.
Clean the front glass to remove algae.   Clean the condensation tray or cover glass every two weeks.
Look after the vegetation and remove dead leaves.  

Clean the filter media regularly.

Siphon off waste from the substrate. Service the filter motor according to the maker's instructions
Remove uneaten food every day.

Check the temperature every day.






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