Preparing your pond for winter.

Plant care is a concern in the fall and winter when temperatures drop below freezing. Plants should be allowed to go dormant and hardy marginal plants should remain where they are. Hardy water lilies and lotuses should be lowered to the bottom of the pool if they are in a raised position. Tropical lilies should be brought indoors as the first serious frost will kill them off. All leaves should be removed once the plants go dormant.

It is also house-cleaning time and a long handle net should be used to remove fallen leaves from the pond. This should be repeated as necessary until ice forms. Decaying leaves create sulfide gases that are toxic to fish and plants. Your fish will enjoy their winter more in a cleaner pond.

We recommend that you use a pool de-icer to keep an opening in the ice throughout the winter. Automatic Pool De-icers complete with Guard will keep an 18" to 24" opening free of ice. It will allow oxygen in, and toxic gases are allowed to escape. It self activates when the temperature reaches a few degrees above freezing. The safety guard protects your pool liner from the heating coil.  

Your pond may freeze over, but do not panic. By now you have stopped feeding the fish and they are resting for the cold winter ahead. Turn off your pump over the winter months for as the water freezes coming off the water fall, new dams occur and ponds often overflow.

Do not be overwhelmed at the thought of simple maintenance. Nothing is difficult and the connection to your pond becomes even greater enjoyment.

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